WARNING: In the Wealth Builder Club you earn daily GROWING INCOMES in ETH and LOY that you can't stop!
Wealth Builder Club
Your Last MLM Smart Contract Business In Your Life:
"Earn more ETH every day and receive valuable LOYALTY Token! The Wealth Builder Club also supports your personal and professional development."
WBC on ETH Blockchain

Earn more than 38 ETH every 30 days

The WBC Smart Contract Matrix

The Wealth Builder Club offers the possibility to generate a regular and high income via an MLM matrix. Direct commissions range from 0.01 ETH to 6.8 ETH.

Whoever wants to become a member of the WBC can start immediately for just 0.05 ETH and start building a strong income today.

Please note: All rewards are transferred in ETH and transferred fully automatically to you. An Ethereum Wallet (MetaMask) is required for this.
All reward transactions are publicly visible and traceable in the blockchain. No commissions are withheld and no special request is necessary.

WBC rewards are transferred automatically and in real-time.

We Double Your Income

The WBC Loyalty Token

The WBC Loyalty Token (LOY) is a token created by the Wealth Builder Club. The token is an additional reward for all WBC members with a long-term increase in value.

Alle WBC Loyalty Token are secured with ETH and can be exchanged immediately in ETH. 

Important: 1 LOY has a value of 0.001 ETH. This price will increase dramatically once the LOY token is listed on the Exchanges.
The Wealth Builder Club member area provides extensive features to allow each member to view their rewards, commissions and LOY token bonuses.

The marketing plan is clearly presented in statistics and tables, so that every WBC member can optimally track their growth.

Important note: All transactions can also be viewed in the public Ethereum blockchain.

WBC uses a binary MLM Matrix

Every day WBC is growing faster and faster and all members have just two goals:


Club Academy

You will receive new education packages with each account upgrade. There is something for everyone at the Club Academy.

1. Sales training for online marketers

Explorer Membership

Many sellers cannot sell. In this video training you will learn how to sell without selling. Simple tricks and good tips for sales conversations - online and offline.
2. Perfect mindset to be successful

Junior Membership

A perfect mindset is absolutely essential for great success. This education package shows you how to think positively and how to attract success - day by day.
3. Reprogram yourself and grow faster

Senior Membership

Sometimes old patterns of thought get in the way. This education package will help you to recognise and follow new paths.
4. Biohacking for better productivity

Copper Membership

Live healthier, be fit and awake at work, tackle new tasks full of energy - you learn all this in the biohacking online course.
5. Become successful with focus & motivation

Bronze Membership

To achieve your goals it is important to work through tasks in a focused way. If you are also motivated when you complete your tasks, you are unbeatable.

+ 5 more Education Packages

The WBC Education Academy is constantly being expanded and equipped with high-quality training packages. This not only increases your own success in the Wealth Builder Club, but also invests in your personal development and further training.

Become a leader
and build your WBC team
In the next few minutes you can already earn your first rewards in ETH and start with your first education package.
With your personal WBC partner link you can easily invite family and friends to join your team.
Our programmers and crypto developers are already working on new sources of income!
The WBC founding team works daily on new income opportunities and is expanding the Wealth Builder Club with new ways for members to increase their financial income.
WBC is your last and best smart contract business.
Members of the WBC must be aware of the following points:
  • Your income will not stop and your team will grow.
  • Your membership is 100% anonymous.
  • Payments are processed securely and encrypted and cannot be reversed.

Step 1

To join the Wealth Builder Club, your Internet browser must support MetaMask. You can find more information here: https://metamask.io

Step 2

Next, you need ETH (Ethereum) to pay for your first education package. Please ask your sponsor where and how you can buy ETH.

Step 3

Click on the button below and register.

Step 4

After registration you can copy your personal partner link and invite your family and friends.

Join the WBC and earn ETH and LOY tokens every day!
The WBC MLM Matrix in detail
Recognize the potential of our WBC Matrix
Our MLM Matrix is 100% implemented in our Smart Contract source code and cannot be changed. Fraud and theft of commissions is not possible.
WBC MLM Matrix
The Wealth Builder Club Benefits at a Glance

WBC Advantages
Crypto-currencies are not only trendy, they will accompany and shape our life in the long run. Currently the times are very favourable to enter the crypto market. In the next months and years extremely large increases in value are to be expected.
Your Advantages:
  • 100% anonymous and save - no personal data necessary
  • based on the Ethereum blockchain
  • low entry costs of 0.05 ETH
  • gigantic MLM matrix with high earning potential
  • Bonus payments via the LOY token
  • ​extreme increase in value of the WBC rewards
  • ​daily growing income
  • ​Real-time transfers to your own wallet

Technology & Partners

Your crypto income is only a few clicks away. Click below and start your financial freedom today!
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